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Dr Ricardo Weinstein is both a Licensed Psychologist in Private Practice and an  forensic Neuropsychologist  expert witness with expertise in brain development.

He offers a breath of knowledge as a  consultant and educator in Psychological and Neuropsychological Assessment, Cultural Competency, Quantitative Electroencephalography, Child Abuse, Drug Abuse and Suicide Prevention, Neurotherapy, Biofeedback and Psychotherapy.   

As a forensic Neuropsychologist he currently does Comprehensive Evaluations of Brain Function, Forensic Neuropsychological Evaluations, Psychological Evaluations and Retrospective Evaluations for Mental Retardation,  Cultural Expertise evaluations and consultation to attorneys and their clients in death penalty cases.

CA License #PSY9854

"Neurofeedback  is an effective non-medical treatment for ADD, ADHD, Autism, Depression, Anxiety, Head Injury and other conditions.  It is a safe non-invasive therapy that often brings results where traditional approaches have failed".


CA License #PSY9292

Dr. Ricardo Weinstein, PhD  

Dr. Ann Marshall

Dr. Ann Marshall is a licensed psychologist in private practice.  She has been a licensed Psychologist since February 24, 1986.

Ann specializes in Career Counseling, Interviews, Job Search Assistance, Resume Assistance, Testing, Career Coaching, Career Guidance and Career Planning.

With a background in the sciences, I'm passionate about bringing Neurofeedback as a modality of treatment to help clients train the most important organ of the body, the brain. I believe in the power of the therapeutic relationship encouraging clients to take the necessary steps to live an authentic life. 

"Whether you are interested in comprehensive EEG Neurofeedback to help you with a health or developmental concern, to assist you in meeting educational and career goals, recreational goals or just to improve your quality of life, we can help".

My name is Belinda Young.  I am a Neurofeedback Specialist and Certified Professional Coach. The early part of my professional life was spent as a Scientist in the Advanced Systems Development Center at Lockheed and then Naval Ocean System's Center.  I've always had a interest in the sciences but feel my true passion lies with helping one find their true potential and developing into the best person they can be. When my children were old enough, I returned to school to fulfill that passion. I completed both my Masters Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy, and BCIA Neurofeedback training and have since worked with a variety of clients as a Neurofeedback Trainer and Coach.   

Belinda Young, MA, CPC